Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013 (Putrajaya)


This is the first time I went to hot air balloon festival in Malaysia. I missed out the chance to visit this cool event in the past few years due to schedule crashed with my school examination or was not around KL. Finally, this year, I paid a visit to Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon event. It is the 5th years this event being held in Putrajaya.

I took LRT Ampang line to Bandar Tasik Selatan station and then change to KLIA transit ERL to go to Putrajaya. The photo below is the platform of ERL train, RM7 two ways (promotion price during hot air balloon festival), and also photo taken inside ERL passenger cabin.


Most of the passengers are going to Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon festival.Image

There were some horses running around the event site. The horse and the Putrajaya signature bridge and a parachute jumper in the back. Nice composition.


Queuing up for natural gas filling. Fuel for hot air balloon. Image

They carried the basket of hot air balloon using Toyota Hilux. Image


Paid a little money to go into the balloon. It was really cool because the interior of the balloon is a whole new perspective where people not usually see. Took a panorama shot of random people around. Image

Some kids and their parents were playing at the end (tip) of the balloon. Image

Seem like rainbow.Image

Setting up the balloon. Image




Another perfect composition shot i took using my iphone 4s. So happy I got my iphone 4s with me wherever I go. Image



Ooops…overturn! Run! People! Run! It’s falling down. Image

The smurf in the sky. So cute like play hide and seen. Image



Olloclip really did a great job as well as my iphone 4s. No regret to spend my money on them.  That’s all for the 5th Hot Air Balloon Festival Putrajaya 2013, stay tune for more updates soon.


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