Go Hatyai

My hometown is just 160km away from Hatyai, Thailand. I’ve been to Haytai since I was 3 years old. My family and I like to go Hatyai for shopping and foods. So, we spent quite a lot of time in Hatyai during school holidays last time…hahaha! We enjoy the foods there although most foods are HOT and SPICY….We also like to shop a lot in the market and shopping complex because there have a lot of things that surprising and interesting which you couldn’t find in Malaysia and the most important is they are cheap in price. For example: a series of Coca Cola soft drink (from earliest edition to latest one) ^.^We know nothing about the traffic rules in Thailand, that’s why our car get clamped by the traffic police due to illegal parking along the street. Parking at the left hand-side of the street are consider illegal parking on odd days while right hand-side is on even days. Swt” ! So next time when you go to Thailand, please take note that what days is it and park accordingly.  hahaha~


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